I’ll be driving to Avaya Stadium tomorrow.

Even though it’s a stone’s throw from Santa Clara Caltrain (you can see it in two of these photos, just to the left of the UP locomotive), there’s no pedestrian or bike access. You have to either take a bus (20-30 minute headway) or bike along the route Google plotted above, via four-lane roads with no bike lanes including a very narrow bridge over the tracks at Hedding.

Santa Clara claims to have plans to extend the platform tunnel to Brokaw (behind the fence), but there’s no sign of construction beginning.

It’s a shame because the stadium is gorgeous, but the transit access is not acceptable. Not to mention the fact that the last northbound train is at 10:35 pm, very tight after an 8 pm kickoff.

So Go Quakes! But let’s get that tunnel built, or at least a crossing for game days.

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