No-Fun NIMBYs oppose pro soccer at Kezar.  I say YES!

It’s come to my understanding that some of my neighbors in the Upper Haight have taken to public meetings and Nextdoor to oppose a new pro soccer team coming to Kezar Stadium, with the particular excuse given that they oppose alcohol being served.  (Notwithstanding the fact that booze is sold at Whole Foods and consumed in the park ALL THE TIME, by neighbors and visitors alike.)  (Details:

Below is my letter to Supervisor London Breed in favor:

To: Supervisor London Breed, Rec and Park Commission

Re: Pro Soccer at Kezar Stadium – SUPPORT

As a soccer fan (come on Arsenal!  let’s go Earthquakes) and occasional recreational soccer player, I am delighted to hear that the North American Soccer League is planning to bring a team to San Francisco to play walking distance from my home at Kezar Stadium.  It will be so much fun to cheer on a local pro team without having to wake up before the crack of dawn to watch on television, or to drive or take Caltrain fifty miles to the Avaya Stadium – instead, we will be able to head over to Kezar and stop by the many restaurants and pubs nearby on the way there and back.

I wholeheartedly reject the claim that selling beer and liquor at the stadium will cause problems in the neighborhood. We already have many outlets here that sell booze, including the nearby Whole Foods where people pick up beer and take it to the park, and it’s not a problem.  (We have other problems with bad behavior in the neighborhood, but those are mainly not linked to excessive drinking.)  Allowing fans to enjoy a beverage during the games will improve attendance and an support, which is crucial to the growth of a young team.

Kezar Stadium is ideally located from a transit perspective as well.  The N-Judah and many bus lines stop right nearby – and have served the stadium for close to a century with no trouble at all.  Let’s encourage fans to take mass transit to the game.

I urge you to support the new team and allow alcohol sales at the games!


Andrew Sullivan

Upper Haight

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