Milepost 0.2 – #CaltrainLove submission


Most every day I make my way
To Milepost 0.2
Where Caltrain heads to San Jose
Commuters in a queue
We biked from all of SF – through
The stop signs, yes, we blew
Though I was shy, you caught my eye
“Are you commuting, too?”

The origin’s not here. At Third Street,
When the line was new.
They tore it down just so another
Freeway could go through
And now that’s gone. They’ll sell you a
New condo with a view!
The best location – easy walk
To Milepost 0.2

I take the Seat of Power,
Nippon Sharyo level two
With breakfast sandwich, Chronicle,
An Andytown cold brew
I watch the highlights from the great
Olivier Giroud
I Instagram the clouds, and all
The while I think of you

My bike tag: Diridon. Yours:
California Avenue
That’s six more stops to contemplate
A love that could be true
So as we roll through Atherton,
where NIMBYs always sue
I think of when you caught my eye
At Milepost 0.2

At Millbrae there’s a BART delay
Alternatives are few
Somebody stopped a car across
The tracks. What can you do?
Sea level rise may turn a brand new
Railroad to a slough
And Congress is obstructionist
For reasons that aren’t true

If California exits, must we
Pay new taxes, too?
And North Korea has the bomb.
Will they hit Mountain View?
In times of crisis, we must focus
On what WE can do
I’ll look for you there in the rain
At Milepost 0.2

One day Bombardiers will go
The way of 2 Live Crew
The High Speed Rail will roll on by
In yellow and in blue
The infrastructure all will be
Maintained as if it’s new
And everyone will sell their cars
And bike, or walk, it’s true!

As California goes, so goes
the country we once knew
At least we still can dream as we
Must face our Waterloo
So if our nation can survive
This moment so cuckoo
I know one day I’ll find my love
At milepost 0.2

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