Recent shows for – this one goes to eleven!

I’ve now been on 11 episodes of four different shows on, as a guest or a guest-host.  Here’s a running list of all the shows and some Spotify playlists of the tunes I sent over the IP-airwaves.  Special thanks to Cosmic Amanda for making it possible to share these with the world! 

More Spotify playlists to come.  Also, here’s a mega-list (Spotify) of all the songs I can find from the various lists.

For now, enjoy!

Roll Over Easy
2015/10/1 Do you Suldrew? (my first show, on my 20th anniversary of arriving in San Francisco) [Spotify]
2016/7/1 Suldrew! [Spotify]

Burrito Justice Radio Hour
2017/1/13 Suldrew! [this is a bit of a theme] [Spotify]
2017/7/18 Welcome @tdfischer_! bikes and housing and all that! 
2017/8/13 @suldrew hosts @katieonviolin! Streetcars, beer, jazz… [Katie’s Spotify]
2018/2/6  @that_mc! SpaceX! Legos! TBMs! [Spotify]

The Long Lunch Break

2018/12/28 Quiet SF with Owen [Spotify for my selections]
2018/8/17 The Best [Spotify]
2018/7/6 Summer Chill [Spotify]
2017/10/13 Friday the 13th  [Spotify]

Boy With Girl’s Name Mixtape
2018/5/22 The Mixtape Mixtape [Spotify for my selections]