I might add some details in the future but here is my summary advice on how to vote November 8.  (I’m in San Francisco, CA) Use as you see fit.

President: Hillary Clinton

Senator: Kamala Harris (I would have liked a better alternative, but Loretta Sanchez isn’t the one)

Representative: The once and FUTURE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Nancy Pelosi

California State Senate: Scott Wiener (for his strong support of housing and transit)

Regional measure RR (BART Bond): YES

California Props:

YES on 64 (Legalize marijuana)

NO on 53 (Massive delays to urgently needed public works due to statewide votes on revenue bonds) and 60 (Wildly misguided “condom law” that will cause tons of lawsuits and endanger public health)

YES on 62 and NO on 66 (Abolish the death penalty)

SF Props:

YES on J, K (Sales tax and allocation of the $ to transit and homeless services)

YES on V (Soda tax)

NO on D, H, L, M, ESPECIALLY L, which would undo Muni Reform and lead to massive political interference with Muni

I might add more as I study them.

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